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Experience Penang from a whole new concept only at


Made In Penang Interactive Museum, as the name implies, is a place where everything-Penang comes together. From famous persons to mouth-watering food, cultures of various races and ethnicities to world-famous places around Penang, we have it all here!

The Spotlights


Wall Paintings

A fleet of wall paintings depicting the early 19th century Penang port including a pop-out rickshaw that you can sit on and have your photograph taken.

Handmade jetty waterfront

20-foot long handmade jetty waterfront miniature among others by our very own Penang-born and -bred artist, Mr Khoo Chooi Hooi. Also on display are various scale-models illustrating the culturally-rich lifestyle of Penangites, both current and then.

Interactive Trick Art

New to Penang? Been wanting to rekindle old memories with Penang? Our 30-odd interactive trick art paintings will let you explore and relive Penang in a whole new dimension, from downright funny to breath-taking reminiscing.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks that allow you to put on opera masks without lifting a finger. Others include ones that enable you to have Komtar, tallest building in Penang, and the iconic ferry right on your palm.

Coffee Time

Fancy having a cup with our beloved Chief Minister of Penang? Well now you can, without even having to make an appointment!

Sneak Peek